Harnessing the power of TV – digital ad sync to boost advertising effectiveness

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    This webcast explores the benefits to advertisers of managing the advertising that consumers are exposed to online (across the full range of digital inventory including companion show apps, search, display, Facebook, Twitter and online video pre-rolls) during a linear television ad break, and will consider the opportunity that synchronized TV/digital ad exposures presents to media buyers, media planners and the trading desks who buy digital inventory on behalf of clients.

    Speakers include :

    Devinson Pena, Senior Manager Product & Training EMEA, Xaxis
    David Reed, Managing Director EMEA, MediaMath 
    Volker Ballueder,Director Sales Advertising Solutions EMEA, Teletrax (a Civolution company)
    John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

    This is a live interactive discussion with questions from audience members. Register now to participate in the debate or catch up on-demand

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