Broadcom gives a few more details about its work with PERSEUS codec

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    Broadcom has provided some more detail on its involvement with V-Nova and its PERSEUS codec. PERSEUS is a new compression codec unveiled this week (see separate storyclaiming incredible performance gains through the use of a proprietary solution that can be used over MPEG-TS infrastructure. The company behind it told journalists that it can be decoded with existing set-top boxes in the field (probably no more than 3-5 years old).  Broadcom says it supports V-Nova with its reference design and software environment, and adds that, “PERSEUS implementations are wholly driven by V-Nova.”

    Asked how it is possible that a codec with such a dramatic claimed compression performance improvement does not require a new generation of decode chipset, Broadcom replied: “PERSEUS implementations will be driven by V-Nova through a software implementation of their algorithm, the details of which V-Nova is in the best position to provide. Broadcom does not receive or deliver V-Nova’s software code.”

    The SoC provider added: “Regarding currently field-deployed set-top boxes (and some in development), generally speaking you can expect CPU power to be critical to support PERSEUS.”
    Asked if it will produce a new generation of chipsets with PERSEUS support (even if PERSEUS works on older boxes), and whether there is anything be gained from this (like maybe better performance for PERSEUS on a new generation of chipset or box), Broadcom answered: “We do not currently have dedicated hardware acceleration specific to PERSEUS in our silicon.”

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