Allegro DVT transforms its broadcast business into Keepixo and targets software-based headend market

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    The broadcast business of Allegro DVT, a provider of H.264 and HEVC solutions, is now called Keepixo, a company dedicated to offering a complete range of components that broadcasters and service providers need for OTT video preparation and delivery. Keepixo will be exhibiting its products under its new name for the first time at TV Connect. 

    Today Allegro DVT encompasses a broadcast business unit covering OTT and IPTV encoding software and appliances for broadcasters and service providers, and a semiconductor business unit for the development of compliance streams and hardware video IPs for chipset manufacturers. Keepixo has been created to rationalize these two entities and to focus more efficiently on the rapidly growing software-based headend market.

    “Over the last 10 years, Allegro has developed world-class software-based headend solutions and our technology has been used by more than 130 customers including 40 tier-1 operators,” Pierre Marty, CEO at Allegro DVT, says. “Thanks to this unique expertise, Keepixo is perfectly positioned to benefit from the rapid expansion of the software-based headend market.” 

    Jerome Blanc, Product Manager for Keepixo, says, “The creation of Keepixo will improve our visibility, brand awareness and our ability to develop innovative solutions for our customers.”

    Keepixo provides a number of solutions:

    •    Genova Live, a high-density software-based live H.264/HEVC encoder supporting up to 18 HD HEVC services per rack unit
    •    Genova File, a file-based encoder for 4K 10-bit VOD
    •    Genova Origin for delivery, including catch-up, start-over, time-shift and nPVR functions.

    Using software as its base, the Genova product line can be quickly upgraded with new functions or codecs for the rapidly changing OTT environment. 

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