Edgeware claims performance supremacy for UHD cloud DVR and live OTT sports

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    Edgeware’s Video Consolidation Platform (VCP), which provides media companies with a single, consolidated platform for content delivery to both set-top boxes and multiscreen devices, reduces delivery CapEx by at least 50%, the company claims. That is because it enables operators to efficiently deliver services at massive scale to all device types without having to manage duplicate, siloed delivery networks. 

    At TV Connect the company will be showcasing the way VCP can be used for 4K Ultra HD cloud DVR requirements, enabling operators to support pause, restart and recording with UHD content that is stored in the network. The Edgeware VCP can record hundreds of live 4K UHD channels in the network for instant on-demand viewing including trick-play modes without the need to store large additional files. Recordings can be viewed on STBs or any other multiscreen devices in the home or on the move.

    Edgeware claims that VCP provides ten times the I/O density of the nearest competitor solution. The company also claims: “This is the only solution that offloads operators’ core and aggregation networks by recording and delivering from the true network edge. Many competitors need to store additional versions of each recording to be able to serve trick-play requests – a version for each forward and rewind speed. Edgeware’s VCP stores just a single copy and creates these trick-play modes on-the-fly for each request.

    Edgeware is also highlighting the benefits of VCP for OTT sports delivery, in particular the way instant conversion from sports broadcast to OTT streams means sports subscribers will never miss the action. The solution has built-in, ultra-low latency repackaging of live transcodes for delivery to mobile devices with millisecond latency from the live point. With support for HLS, HSS and DASH clients, the VCP can even avoid caching latency by repackaging on the content delivery network (CDN) edge servers. 

    Live streams are distributed using low latency multicast as far into the network as possible before Edgeware’s hardware acceleration performs packaging and encryption. Edgeware again claims a major technology advantage over competitive solutions, saying the packaging and encryption is performed “in a fraction of the time of the nearest competitor”. It adds: “With the highest scalability and density available on the market, each VCP node can deliver over a thousand channels to more than 100,000 simultaneous devices per standard rack unit.”

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