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Engaging and monetising ‘digital-first’ consumers

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Television viewing has become much more personal but the industry is still adjusting to the opportunities that present themselves when you can serve each viewer as an individual 24 hours a day, wherever they are. That includes when they are at home and watching television in a shared environment. In this live webcast we explore what it means to get really personal with viewers, and especially with ‘digital-first’ consumers who consider digital platforms their first choice destinations for media. We will consider what happens when more of their user experience is customized and when a media company can build a more holistic view of who they are, how they are consuming, where they are now, where they are going next, what they liked yesterday and what they are likely to want from you tomorrow.

We are exploring how content owners and service providers, interpreting the growing volumes of data that surround our everyday and media lives, can improve the way they anticipate the needs of digital-first consumers and so serve them better. We will consider what a more personalized and holistic media offering looks like, with more daily touch points and more opportunities for targeted media and targeted advertising. The webcast looks at the business benefits of such a service, including better content monetisation (through subscriptions, pay-per-view or advertising). Among other things this one hour discussion considers:

True personalisation – The impact of a more customised UEX, the importance of knowing who is watching, the information needed to build a complete picture of our daily media lives, and how an understanding of viewing ‘context’ can dramatically improve a media offer.

Better monetisation – The business benefits when you can better anticipate the media experiences someone wants next, when you can uncover hidden content gems and get people consuming more across all categories of television.

Improved acquisition – The use of improved viewing data to improve content acquisition, the definitions of success for programming and whether improved viewer insights must be limited to the digital domain.

Advanced advertising – How a better understanding of people, through data, can improve the valuation of advertising, the new advertising possibilities created by location and context-aware media services, and how the user experience can be improved thanks to targeting.


David Amodio, Digital and Creative Leader, Channel 4
Miles Weaver, Innovation Lead, Piksel
David Mercer, VP, Principal Analyst, Strategy Analytics
Chair: John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

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