V-Nova’s PERSEUS codec to be demo’d live at its first IBC outing

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    In what will be V-Nova’s first outing at IBC, it will be offering live demos of what it describes as the “game-changing reductions in bandwidth requirements” for video contribution and distribution delivered by its new PERSEUS compression codec. Alongside industry partners, it will also share its views on what this implies for the encoding of UHD TV.

    PERSEUS was first unveiled by V-Nova in April this year, although the codec had been secretly under development since 2011.

    Last week, V-Nova announced that PERSEUS, a proprietary codec, had now been ported to run on video and graphics-processing pioneer NVIDIA’s graphics processing units (GPUs), making the technology commercially available to equipment vendors, system integrators, service providers and operators. 

    V-Nova says that PERSEUS GPU-powered products are already being deployed in video contribution applications, delivering high-quality feeds from events and through the backbones of Tier-1 operators and service providers.

    With respect to UHD TV, V-Nova will be seeking to show at IBC that PERSEUS sets new benchmarks in UHD/4K performance, with “visually lossless” quality delivered for contribution purposes at around 300 MBit/s, 2.5% of a UHD TV’s uncompressed signal bit-rate – compared with the industry standard of around 1GBit/s using JPEG 2000 compression.

    V-Nova claims that “both encoding and decoding processes can run in real-time on a single NVIDIA GPU well below the 16ms necessary to process a full frame UHD/4K picture at 60 fps.”

    Previous demonstrations have shown UHD TV being distributed at 8Mbit/s using PERSEUS, compared to 21Mbit/s with HEVC encoding.


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