EE completes successful mobile TV trial using PERSEUS compression

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    The UK mobile network operator EE and V-Nova have completed what they describe as a very successful trial of highly efficient compression, using the new PERSEUS codec for HD and UHD/4K video over the EE 4G LTE network (to be precise, the 4G+ LTE parts of the network and at 1800 MHz). The trial demonstrated high quality video streaming at a significantly reduced bit rate compared to what would be required with an alternative codec. 

    Since its launch, V-Nova has stressed how one of the ambitions for PERSEUS is to make mobile video available everywhere on low bandwidth networks (like in developing markets) and make UHD and HD television available in advanced networks.  This announcement follows a wave of  partner integration partnerships for PERSEUS in the build up to IBC – and provides further evidence of growing industry interest in the codec.

    EE and V-Nova tested the PERSEUS video compression technology by distributing UHD/4K video over EE’s 4G+ network in a densely populated area of central London, near Paddington station at rush-hour. The 4K content (footage from EE’s ‘Wembley Cup’ series) was streamed to a 65-inch 4K screen at 50fps.

    The same content was also delivered reliably in HD format to tablets and phones at bit rates ranging from 300 Kbit/s to 1.5 Mbit/s, both on the road and in a rural location in the New Forest in the south of England. “A continuous high-quality viewer experience was maintained throughout the 90 mile journey, handing signal over between more than 40 sites, and at the very edge of the EE 4G network,” the companies confirmed. 

    Matt Stagg, Head of Video Strategy at EE, comments: “We have built in a massive amount of capacity to our network because we know that our customers are demanding more and more video – it is growing at a phenomenal rate. As well as adding more bandwidth, we are looking at intelligent, cost-effective ways of delivering video more efficiently and more reliably in challenging environments such as densely populated urban areas and when travelling at high speed in a car or on a train.
    “The trial with V-Nova has proven that smart software like PERSEUS can make a big difference for mobile network operators managing their long-term video strategy.”

    V-Nova says the trial of PERSEUS with EE highlights advantages of the codec that go beyond bit rate reduction including significantly increased processing speed, lower power consumption, increased robustness and graceful, block-free degradation at ultra low bitrates.  

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