Indian OTT service uses PERSEUS to stream SD video over 2G (and 3G) mobile networks

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    FastFilmz, the new OTT service provider in India, has deployed V-Nova’s PERSEUS compression software so it can stream standard-definition video over 3G and, more dramatically, over 2G mobile networks. This is possible because the video is compressed to less than typical audio bitrates, at under 128 kbps. The ability to deliver SD video in such bandwidth constrained networks was one of the key boasts V-Nova made when it unveiled its technology last April. Learn more about the technology here and here.

    “The deployment of V-Nova PERSEUS has enabled us to launch the first subscription video service built for consumers who are mobile bandwidth-constrained,” Dominic Charles, Joint-CEO & Co-Founder of FastFilmz, confirms. “At the same time, we are able to halve the data costs of streaming and downloading movies, which is a huge deal for our target market.”

    The FastFilmz service launched last week and is initially aimed at the 120 million or so Tamil speakers in India. According to Karam Malhotra, also Joint-CEO & Co-Founder of FastFilmz, the streaming service would have been limited to 3G networks if they had not used PERSEUS. This would have capped the addressable market at 30 million people instead. “We have increased our potential customer base by four times,” Malhotra emphasizes.

    Guido Meardi, CEO & Co-Founder at V-Nova, says the 2G carriage gives FastFilmz a sustainable competitive advantage. “While potential competitors must stand by, watch and wait for 3G networks to reach mass-market penetration, FastFilmz is securing market share and a loyal customer base today,” he observes. Eric Achtmann, V-Nova’s Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, notes that over 4 billion people still lack access to mobile video. “It is a massive, untapped global customer base,” he suggests.

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