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21st century TV operations: Ready for anything

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Traditional TV companies survived the OTT and multiscreen revolution but for a while they were playing catch-up with consumer expectations and new rival services. The lesson has been learnt and there is a quest to make operations more agile using virtualization and orchestration. An operations transformation is underway and this report outlines what the new model looks like.

You can read about the motives driving the transformation in Pay TV operations including agility, the crucial role of orchestration and how video workflows can be created and consolidated, how virtualization is ready for mainscreen TV as well as multiscreen, the potential to unify operations around adaptive bitrate streaming and the different ways in which the new operations environment will be hybrid.

The report considers how companies like Comcast, Globo, nc+, Magine, TVPlayer, Sky and Voo are using virtualization or cloud technologies and includes insights from Parks Associates, IDC, Cisco, Ericsson and Harmonic, among others.

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