Harmonic enables video operations on standard IT hardware on cloud infrastructure, plus SaaS for OTT

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    Harmonic has launched a cloud-based platform for improving television production and workflow and also a public cloud hosted SaaS for OTT services. Both are being demonstrated at NAB Show.

    VOS Cloud is a media processing platform that enables content and service providers to manage the video production and delivery workflow for broadcast and OTT applications via standard IT hardware, over public or private cloud infrastructure. It is an extension of Harmonic’s VOS software-based media processing platform. It is currently in trials in various OpenStack and public cloud environments with leading service providers globally, the company reveals. 

    “Configuration, deployment and management is easy through VOS Cloud’s automated video formation technology, which uses standard IT deployment templates to simplify set-up and unlock powerful media processing and delivery workflows,” Harmonic explains. “By transforming traditional video preparation and delivery architectures into a hybrid cloud operation, VOS Cloud accelerates time to market for new broadcast and OTT services.”

    The second new cloud-centric offering is the VOS 360 professional cloud media processing service, which provides operators with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is hosted in the public cloud. The SaaS is maintained and operated by Harmonic 24 hours a day. The company says it will enable customers to launch revenue-generating, broadcast-quality OTT services in a matter of minutes instead of months. “The VOS 360 service makes it easy to prepare and deliver content from anywhere in the world, with total geographic redundancy and operational resiliency,” the company adds. Harmonic is offering a free 30-day trial of the VOS 360 service to all customers, it said ahead of NAB.

    “Staying true to our open architecture solutions strategy, we  allow our ecosystem partners to seamlessly integrate with VOS 360 to deliver a true end-to-end, OTT, SaaS platform in an elastic public cloud environment,” Patrick Harshman, President and CEO of Harmonic, adds.

    Joe Zaller, President and Founder of Devoncroft Partners, which provides market research and strategic consulting services to digital media companies, says “Senior executives at numerous media companies have repeatedly told us they want cloud-native solutions – period. For technology companies this means not simply repackaging the software they already have but re-implementing their technologies into micro-services architectures that enable hyper-scale and service agility. 

    “Beyond technology, a fresh approach to commercial models for licensing, service and support is also required to fully unlock what media companies really mean when they talk about cloud.”

    Both VOS cloud offerings enable media companies to generate instant revenue, like through services such as 
    time-shift TV, VOD and cloud DVR. This is achieved without the traditional CapEx involved with building, maintaining and operating a new headend or data center. “Pay-as-you-go pricing for both offerings allows service providers to realize ROI in the shortest time possible,” Harmonic notes.

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