MoCA 2.5 enables throughput more than 2.5 times that of MoCA 2.0

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    MoCA, the Multimedia over Coax Alliance, has approved its newest specification, MoCA 2.5, capable of up to 2.5 Gbps actual data rates, a throughput that is more than two and half times what is possible with MoCA 2.0. There are also additional features that address network management and security, as required by service providers worldwide. The new specification is backwards interoperable with MoCA 2.0 and MoCA 1.1.

    Other new features include :

    ·       MoCA protected setup (MPS):  This means easier setup and the addition of new nodes with password sharing via push-button (similar to Wi-Fi WPS).

    ·       Enhanced Privacy:  Secure data communications with an additional longer password and the use of different keys between MoCA 2.5 nodes compared to what MoCA 1.1/MoCA 2.0 nodes use, along with the ability to control data forwarding of legacy nodes to and from MoCA 2.5 nodes.

    ·       Bridge detection: The ability to distinguish between nodes belonging to different networks and pass proprietary information between nodes before admission, as well as pass that same information to upper layers to prevent neighbours from forming a common network.

    MoCA 2.5 offers additional performance profiles to enable MoCA 2.0 devices to be upgraded to take advantage of the new features. Charles Cerino, President of MoCA, points out: “This technology was delivered in one year, from start to finish, further indicating that the Alliance can quickly respond to the market demands of operators. In MoCA 2.5, service providers have another comprehensive standard from MoCA for building their networks.”

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