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Twentieth Century Fox uses Ericsson Unified Delivery Network in proof of concept for VR, AR and UHD delivery

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Content technologies like 4K Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range and virtual reality provide the natural next step for service providers looking to differentiate their offerings with truly immersive experiences, Ericsson reckons, and the company has been working with Fox Innovation Lab, Twentieth Century Fox’s research and development centre, to enable these new forms of content to be delivered to any type of device, at high quality and without consuming excessive bandwidth. The companies are collaborating on a proof-of-concept for delivering a wide variety of Fox content including new release and library movies, VR, AR (augmented reality) and UHD-HDR content across any network. It leverages Ericsson’s Unified Delivery Network (UDN), which connects content providers with the last-mile reach of service providers as part of a managed CDN service. 

The proof-of-concept provides a test bed for exploring new viewing experiences, including device-specific content optimization, personalized just-in-time low-latency advertising and novel VR and AR applications. It is viewed as a benchmark technology stack and workflow that will help define the processes and requirements for delivering new types of content to any current and anticipated playback devices, platforms and networks.

As you can read elsewhere, Ericsson’s Unified Delivery Network is a fully-managed CDN service where Ericsson installs equipment in service provider last mile networks and manages CDN operations and business arrangements, giving the network owner a revenue share. Ericsson is striking multiple service provider deals and aggregating their network resources to build a global CDN that the company believes will compete with existing global CDN providers like Akamai. Content providers sign-up to leverage the CDN capabilities, going via Ericsson to arrange their OTT content delivery requirements. Fox participates as a content provider partner in UDN, extending its network capabilities to the public domain and enabling enhanced OTT service delivery. 

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