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Verimatrix and Net Insight pre-integration hastens DRM-protected live OTT that has zero delay behind broadcast

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Net Insight is partnering with Verimatrix to pre-integrate the VCAS for Internet TV content protection solution (from Verimatrix) with its new Sye Live OTT platform, which enables the delivery of OTT streams without any delay from the original live television feeds. 

Sye Live OTT means streaming video to multiscreen devices will be in perfect synchronization with the broadcast signals and with all other devices. The initial opportunity is for content owners to deliver enhanced coverage of live events such as multiple views of the same sports, like a helmet-cam, where the different views are perfectly synchronized with the live broadcast feed. Ultimately this solution makes it easier to treat streaming video as an equal to broadcast signals and ensure consumers can watch streamed sports on CE screens without getting social media ‘spoilers’ from their friends who are watching the broadcast signal, which traditionally is always ahead of the delayed OTT streams.

The live OTT feeds (of any kind) can now be protected with a widely deployed DRM without waiting for an integration. The partnership also includes support for the Verimatrix ViewRight Secure Player. “Net Insight’s Live OTT solution provides a first-rate end user experience,” says Steve Oetegenn, President at Verimatrix. “With the strong growth of premium live OTT content, our combined solution hits the market at a very interesting time, helping both operators and content owners to further monetize their premium content rights.”

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