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Bell Media to apply programmatic technology to all its TV and digital video inventory

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Bell Media has selected Videology’s programmatic TV technology for use across all its TV and digital video advertising inventory. The Canadian media group will benefit from enhanced audience targeting capabilities through the use of first and third party data. The technology makes it possible to execute single campaigns across multiple devices and inventory channels holistically.

Videology’s proprietary ‘optimal-allocation’ technology will look at Bell Media’s entire pool of available inventory, forecast data against that inventory over time, and ensure the right ads are served to the best user at the right time to drive ROI and maximize yield. “Advertisers benefit from more efficient campaigns and consumers benefit from tools that ensure ads are relevant to their interests and are shown with a controlled frequency across all of their devices,” the two companies explained when they made the announcement.

The companies have embarked on a multi-phase integration, with Phase One expected to launch in Q3 of this year. Stuart Garvie, President of Bell Media Sales, says: “As device proliferation and content consumption patterns continue to evolve, the need for advanced TV capabilities has become increasingly apparent for the broadcast ecosystem.

“TV remains the single strongest avenue for driving results at scale, and we are working to maintain that leading position, with a strategy that reflects the new consumer journey, regardless of platform or device. Videology’s video-first approach and established relationships throughout North America and EMEA made them the obvious choice to be our strategic partner.”

Rhys McLachlan, Head of Global TV Strategies at Videology, adds: “Progressive broadcasters like Bell Media are becoming increasingly aware of the role that sophisticated technology plays in improving their own business while also driving better ROI for their brand advertising partners. We look forward to working with Bell Media to bring new innovations to the Canadian marketplace.”


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