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Latest Adrenalin multiscreen platform supports UHD, binge-viewing and full back-up in a different geography

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The latest release of the Adrenalin multiscreen software platform from SeaChange International provides support for UHD content in linear, time-shift and on-demand formats plus tools to better manage content promotions and offers, such as binge watching and season passes. It also provides system failover between geographies to guarantee high availability at large scale.

Available now and deployable in cloud-based or on-premise options, initial deployments of the latest platform version have begun with video service providers. Some customers are converting from SeaChange’s prior-generation Axiom VOD systems, the company reports. 

UHD content is now supported alongside HD and SD. Adrenalin appropriately manages library content access and presentation on UHD-ready devices through provisioning and content metadata flagging. Protection of high-value UHD TV shows and movies is ensured through optional content watermarking and digital rights management measures. 

The Adrenalin Business Management System enables service providers to tap into the growing binge viewing trend. Service providers can offer subscribers the ability to pre-purchase a season pass for a complete TV series, with control features including episode pause, resume and auto-play of the next episode in the series. Through Adrenalin bookmarking and entitlements, a subscriber can pause series viewing on a mobile device, resume viewing from the same frame on a set-top box, or share the series with family members using other devices.

Customers can now use an Adrenalin back-up in a separate geographic location, providing insurance against power failures or network problems, for example. The entire multiscreen service is protected and can be resumed within 15 to 30 minutes. SeaChange says this provides mission-critical performance for service providers who are centralising their back office operations for multiple geographies. 

Paul Crann, Senior Vice President of Product Management at SeaChange, says: “Using Adrenalin for centralized video operations, our service provider customers are expanding their offerings, adding content and enabling rich user experiences seamlessly across networks and devices. Adrenalin’s latest features help our customers quickly deploy new services to stay ahead of consumers’ shifting habits and capture incremental revenue opportunities with a highly scalable and unified video delivery back office.”

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