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Peter MacAvock back at the DVB, this time as Chairman

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Peter MacAvock, Head of Delivery, Platforms and Services at EBU Technology & Innovation, has been appointed as DVB Chairman. He was DVB Executive Director for 14 years before taking his current position and was an outstanding advocate for the DVB standards during the ‘digital switchover’ decades. He takes over the chair from Phil Laven, who has served in the position since 2008.

The DVB points to another exciting period as it engages in the ongoing development of UHD TV, with decisions to be made on HDR, HFR and Next Generation Audio. Future transmission systems are being debated and there are Study Mission Groups on virtual reality, among other things.

Phil Laven, a former Technical Director of the European Broadcasting Union, served as Chairman of DVB for eight years. Among other achievements he oversaw the introduction of DVB-T2, which was instrumental in bringing HD services to millions of people across five continents.

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