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Rio Olympics smashes London online viewing figures (via Akamai networks) within first three days

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It took just three days for the amount of video traffic delivered by Akamai from the Olympic Games in Rio to exceed the total volume from the entire London games. To date, the maximum peak online audience (fed via Akamai CDN infrastructure) was 1.54 million and the peak traffic load has been 4.53 Tbps. The average video bit rate is running at 2.75Mbps. 55% of traffic viewing has been from Europe and 39% from the Americas. Cycling, volleyball, swimming and gymnastics are some of the sports that have delivered big spikes, with the sporting action peaking much higher than the opening ceremony.

Akamai predicts this will be the most digitally viewed Olympic Games, partly thanks to more streaming options, partly thanks to the favourable timing of coverage for North America (Rio is only an hour ahead of the U.S. east coast) and partly thanks to improvements in broadband connectivity. According to Akamai’s Q1 2016 State of the Internet Report, the global average connection speed increased by 12% quarter-over-quarter to 6.3 Mbps, with global average peak connection speeds up 6.8% to 34.7 Mbps.

The same report states that average mobile connection speeds increased across the 74 countries measured, with the four leaders – Australia, Germany, Israel and Thailand – all reporting average speeds of 100 Mbps. “In short, virtually anywhere viewers try to watch the games digitally, either on wired or wireless networks, they are likely to have sufficient bandwidth,” according to By Michael Fay, Vice President of Products and Operations at Akamai.

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