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Piksel to showcase Fuse Metadata, boosting search and discovery with advanced metadata capabilities

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Piksel, which helps companies build and launch online video businesses, is to present a new product at IBC called Fuse Metadata. Built on the foundation of its established end-to-end solution Piksel Palette, Fuse Metadata uses natural language processing, semantic search, image analysis and machine-learning technologies to automatically generate consistent, deep metadata across a customer’s entire catalogue on a scene-by-scene basis, tailoring it to service, content and viewer needs.

Fabrice Hamaide, Piksel’s President, says that using rich metadata to improve the customer experience, for instance by allowing viewers to search for specific themes or scenes, “can improve audience engagement and retention,” allowing Piksel’s clients to gain “a significant competitive edge.”

He believes that metadata is playing an increasingly important role in the competitive online video sector and will continue to shape discovery, “even influencing the actual content creation journey in the future.” Improving metadata “creates value on every level,” he argues, “from enabling new monetization opportunities to attracting new customers.”

Piksel Palette, an end-to-end solution developed by Piksel using a micro-services architecture (MSA) platform on a SaaS-based infrastructure, underpins the  professional and managed services it offers companies such as AT&T, Sky, Channel 4, Liberty Global, Mediaset, OSN and Transavia.

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