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Genius Digital demos secure QoS data solution with Verimatrix

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At IBC, data analytics specialist Genius Digital will be demonstrating the fruits of its partnership with security firm Verimatrix, announced at last year’s IBC show.

This leverages both Verimatrix’s Verspective Intelligence Center and Genius Digital’s Insight Platform to create a joint, secure QoS data-gathering solution – security of the source data required for a video data analytics approach is becoming increasingly important as video delivery moves from managed networks and devices to un-managed ones.

Genius Digital’s CEO, Tom Weiss, argues that a holistic approach to data-gathering is required in this new environment. “We still see large operators using different systems to collect from multiscreen devices and set-top boxes, causing inherent technical and operational challenges,” he says. Genius Digital’s approach is that ‘Big Data’ can best be exploited via a single system, rather than through “a number of disparate, cobbled-together options.”

Genius Digital says that its data solutions and services, which it offers to TV, cable, satellite and OTT service-providers, have increased the bottom-line at its customers in a number of ways, including increases in ad-rates, marketing conversion-rates, and VOD buy-rates; and decreases in churn and operational costs.

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