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Tv2u launches real-time analytics and content aggregation for OTT/IPTV

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Tv2u, which provides cloud-based interactive OTT/IPTV services, is unveiling its new real-time analytics service and content aggregation engine at IBC. The company will also be showcasing its Intelligent Video Accessible Network (IVAN) OTT platform, a white-label OTT/IPTV delivery service.

Tv2u claims to offer services that make it feasible to deliver any content over any network to any device: “This means providers and consumers of all categories can maximise the quality of delivery, regardless of their current network capacity or device,” the company says.

Using the tv2u approach, prospective operators can also enter the market with “a radically different OPEX-based business case”, the company says, allowing them to mitigate operational risk and offer a different price-point to conventional triple-play service providers.

Meanwhile, the IVAN platform is designed to offer customers the ability to tap into powerful real-time data gathered from multiple sources – including the delivery platform, player applications, and social media. Tv2u says the resulting data can generate detailed insights about users such as their demographics, location (with the ability to pinpoint their postal code) and viewing habits, including their content consumption patterns, details on which devices they use, and their likes and dislikes. This in turn allows them to make their ads more personalised and targeted, potentially increasing revenues and decreasing costs.

IVAN integrates a real-time analytics engine to facilitate this.

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