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The story of how virtualization has made its way right into the digital home

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Virtualization is transforming the service landscape for operators, promising to turn their operations into software driven businesses. So should operators continue to invest in Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) or rather focus just on NFV and virtualization that is already reaching into the home?

This white paper focuses on the virtualisation benefits of accelerating innovation and keeping costs under control. It shows how operators are already leveraging key benefits of NFV and also SDN (Software Defined Networking). The paper contends that CPE such as gateways and Set Top Boxes will continue to play a key role in achieving the agility operators need to thrive in markets whose pace of change is increasing.

Key topics include:

  • How NFV evolved from IT virtualization
  • Virtualization in the home network
  • Impact of virtualization on the future of CPE
  • Financial implications
  • In-depth recap of the benefits of Virtualization
  • What might come next

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