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Telefónica to create and integrate open middleware into some STBs with Frog Source

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Telefónica has started a project to create and then integrate an open middleware solution for some of its set-top boxes based on the Frog Source solution from Wyplay. Frog Source is one of four open source software solutions in the Frog by Wyplay portfolio, which also includes professional services. It provides fully documented source code for over 200 set-top box software components to support basic zapper set-top boxes up to advanced multi-tuner gateways with transcoding.

Frog Source comes with an extensive toolset including integration, cross-compiler, test suites and developer resources like documentation and online tutorials that are easily accessible through a developer portal. It gives developers at Pay TV operators the flexibility to create their own products in a more cost-effective manner when compared to traditional proprietary solutions, Wyplay says.

The vendor says the main reasons for the selection of Wyplay’s code are the modularity, the openness, the wide Frog community and the functionalities of Frog Source. “Telefónica also highly valued the extensive set of development, debugging tools and automated testings, which will allow Telefónica to design their own product,” Wyplay says.

Jacques Bourgninaud, CEO at Wyplay, says: “The Telefónica, technical team are now free to be their own system integrator and they can tailor all or part of their own solutions. With Frog Source, Telefónica is back in the driver’s seat.”

The Frog by Wyplay initiative brings together an ecosystem of more than 135 companies across the entire digital TV technology value chain including chipset vendors, device manufacturers, independent software vendors, software development and integration services providers and operators.

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