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Webinar: The multiscreen innovation crossroads: Build, buy or hybrid?’

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Connected screens and OTT created unprecedented threats and opportunities for traditional TV companies. The disruption justified high-budget multiscreen service launches to achieve defensive and offensive business goals.

As the multiscreen market matures and board level priorities change, budgets may not be as generous again, yet multiscreen practitioners know that they must innovate relentlessly and maintain services across an ever-changing device population. It could be time to reassess multiscreen innovation strategies to see if more is possible with less.

This webcast will help platform operators and content owners to prepare for their next multiscreen innovation crossroads. Should you keep building your own multiscreen capabilities in-house or is it now time to buy an off-the-shelf platform? If you bought multiscreen capabilities, should you bring this function in-house and build your own? Is there a role for a hybrid ‘build-some-and-buy-some’ approach and would that offer the best of both worlds?

In this discussion we will consider the success metrics that have been applied to multiscreen launches in the past and whether they are changing, including short-term versus long-term objectives. We will look at whether the decision-making culture and procurement practices need to change, what skillsets are needed internally when giving more or less responsibility to outside partners, and how internal champions can create a business case for their preferred option: build, buy or hybrid.

The discussion will cover the trade-offs that must be made with different innovation models, considering the degree to which services can be differentiated, the extent to which ‘standard’ off-the-shelf platforms can be customized, the implications for time-to-market and cost of ownership. We consider how internal technology teams faced with staffing limits can make the best use of partners to complement their own work – and how best to manage this cooperation.

Speakers Include:

Chair: Barry Flynn, Consulting Editor, Videonet
Fernando Garcia Calvo, Head of TV Products, Global Video Unit, Telefonica
Sebastian Edreira, Digital Media Sr Director, A&E Television Networks
Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo
Igor Macaubas, Product Manager – Online Video Platform, Globo TV

The ‘build or buy’ decision is a significant one when balancing your immediate video experience transformation needs with long-term growth and optimising profitability. Whether you’re a pay TV market leader, a challenger or a new OTT entrant in the video service market, discover if you should buy or build with Accedo: https://www.accedo.tv/white-paper/

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