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Samsung wants to make TVkey the de facto security standard for Pay TV services directly on TV sets

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Samsung Electronics says it is committed to establishing the TVkey framework – a content security system based on a NAGRA-designed root of trust in TV chips that communicates securely with a USB form factor TVkey device – as the de facto standard for accessing premium pay services directly on TV sets. Samsung and NAGRA are going to create a corporate body to license the new TVkey technology to industry stakeholders.

The new licensing body will enable open market access to the solution by licensing TVkey technology to third-party chipset, TV, dongle and conditional access (CAS) vendors. MStar Semiconductor has already said it will adopt the TVkey direct-to-TV security technology in its EMC SoCs for 4K Ultra HD HDR televisions, pending finalization of the new TVkey licensing body.

The TVkey framework creates a Secure Media Path and enables strict enforcement of usage rules as required by Hollywood for the protection of high-value content. TVkey also provides a platform for hardware-based watermarking and tools for service access control.

NAGRA and Samsung are already engaging with interested parties in advance of establishing the licensing body to prepare the required IP block, hardware root of trust and trusted execution environment (TEE)/SMP integrations and USB support in order to accelerate the time-to-market for TVkey-enabled TVs.

Leading Pay TV operators are expected to launch TVkey-based services in 2017. TVkey allows consumers to sign up for Pay TV services directly on selected new Samsung TVs, while meeting stringent MovieLabs requirements for Enhanced Content Protection such as 4K and HDR. According to NAGRA, TVkey offers the quickest and lowest-cost route to market for 4K services without requiring additional Pay TV operator investment in set-top boxes.

TVkey licensing terms and technical specifications are expected to be available to interested partners by mid-2017.

“We are excited to expand TVkey technology access to a wider ecosystem of industry players,” says JongHee Han, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “It will ultimately help provide a faster route-to-market of 4K services for Pay TV operators and the 4K value chain as a whole.”

Maurice van Riek, Head of Content and Asset Security at NAGRA, says: “TVkey gives global Pay TV operators the chance to create new and profitable business models by being fully in control of the user experience whilst reducing subscriber acquisition costs for premium services and eliminating the requirement for a dedicated set-top box. This reduced cost of sales and simplified sign-up process enables operators to compete more effectively against online video providers.”

Wayne Tsai, Marketing Director at MStar Semiconductor, says: “We see TVkey as an important element of our future chipset strategy in terms of content security. Our adoption of the TVkey technology ensures robust content protection for 4K Ultra HD content, and ultimately benefits everyone from us to the end-consumer.”

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