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Trace launches multiscreen SVOD and live TV service after a 12 week build on Simplestream cloud platform

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TracePlay, the new multiscreen SVOD, live TV and radio service from Trace, the MTG-owned music and entertainment group, uses the Cloud TV solution from Simplestream, it has been revealed.  Dan Finch, Chief Commercial Officer at Simplestream, says this is a disruptive service that demonstrates the power of the cloud. Olivier Laouchez, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Trace, says the flexibility of the cloud TV platform enabled the multi-device and multi-lingual service to be deployed on time and in budget.

Simplestream’s Cloud TV solution is built on top of its Media Manager platform and encompasses virtualized ‘components’ for live, live-to-VOD, VOD-to-live-playout, asset management, syndication, live-clip editing and customer management. The TracePlay service was built in less than 12 weeks on top of this platform.

Trace has been a leader in the urban music and entertainment world for over a decade and offers 10 music and sports TV channels, 31 radio services, urban series, films and documentaries. These are available in English and French.

TracePlay is launching first on desktop, iOS and Android (mobile and tablet devices), and Apple TV. Other devices, like the Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Smart TVs, will be added later this year. The service will be available in 80 countries initially, including the UK, Ireland, United States and the Netherlands. Eventually it will be available everywhere in the world.

TracePlay includes live HD channels and VOD, with 2,400 on-demand assets available at launch. The cloud platform enables Trace to create multiple thematic content packs based on deep metadata and provide personalized content discovery. There are region-based content controls. Ingest, transcoding and service management is completely cloud-based. The Simplestream Cloud TV solution also supports subscriber management including support for multiple currencies. .

“Simplestream has been an amazing partner,” says Olivier Laouchez. “I look forward to this multi-year and multi-territory relationship to help establish TracePlay as a leading SVOD and live platform for urban music and entertainment.”

Dan Finch adds: “TracePlay is truly global: it is multi-device, multi-lingual and it will appeal to a huge audience in more than 200 countries. We see this as total validation that, for highly complex projects, the cloud is the only way to go. This 12-week ‘multi-everything’ build also proves that, thanks to our long-term investment in cloud video technology and solutions, Simplestream is capable of handling the industry’s most complex digital transformation projects – and we can do it fast.”

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