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Quickline TV raises the bar for personalized TV; new service based on SeaChange platform that includes RDK set-top box

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Cable operator The Quickline Group, said to be the third largest TV provider in Switzerland, has introduced a new television service called Quickline TV that gives different household members their own subscriber profile so they can enjoy their own curated experience, including personal recommendations. Viewers can watch on-demand and time-shifted programming suited to their personal tastes and viewing preferences. The operator is therefore pushing the envelope in terms of content personalisation and discovery.

SeaChange International has provided a comprehensive platform and backoffice for the multiscreen service (covering consumption in-home and out of home) and STB delivery, plus professional services. Quickline is using  the Adrenalin multiscreen television software and SeaChange’s RDK-V based Nucleus set-top box software.

SeaChange also delivered the OTT apps for Android and iOS devices and oversaw integration with CDN, video encoding, content security and STB vendors. The backoffice software encompasses multiplatform content management and delivery, monetization and subscriber experience, among other things.

This platform provides the centralized video operation that supports 25 independent regional cable TV operators who represent approximately 400,000 Swiss households.

“Quickline TV embodies our desire to inspire consumers with unsurpassed value,” declares Yann Steulet, Managing Director of Residential, Quickline. “Through its focus on monetizing high-quality video everywhere, SeaChange has been instrumental in helping us to elevate multiplatform entertainment to a new level in the Swiss market and for the world at large.”

Ed Terino, CEO at SeaChange, adds: “With Quickline’s ground-breaking achievements in personalization, ease of enjoyment and RDK implementation, we believe the eyes of the media world will be on Quickline TV as a new ideal for video service provider evolution.”


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