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42% of UK broadband homes watched a video subscription service in the last year

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42% of adults in UK broadband homes claim to have watched a video subscription service in the last 12 months. 10% now claim to have UHD in the home (double the previous 12 months) and 5% use a VR headset for a games console, with 8% using a VR headset for a mobile phone. These are some of the headlines from the latest Connected Screens report from Mediatel, covering the second half of 2016.

Other findings are notable because they point towards some high-water marks being reached. The report (based on a representative sample of 2,001 interviewees, adults 16+) suggests smartphone penetration could have reached a ceiling, for the time being at least, with 69% of people in UK broadband homes using them. Tablet and eBook usage appears to be levelling off, too. Tablet usage has declined amongst younger males – and women are now  more likely to use tablets than men in every age band.

The report also suggests that both Facebook and Twitter may have reached saturation point, with consistent user levels. Instagram and Snapchat are growing strongly, however. “After some recent growth, the frequency of usage of free streaming services like YouTube would appear to be levelling off,” it adds.

SVOD continues to grow quickly. 34% of homes in the sample now use Netflix, up 11% points since early 2015. 22% use Amazon Prime, up from 13% last year. These two services dominate the SVOD market in the UK. 58% of 16-24s are Netflix users, the report reveals. “Usage of DVD and Blu-ray has fallen to less than half for the first time, perhaps linked to the rise of SVOD streaming services,” it observes.

The report takes a detailed look at the devices UK homes are now using, television viewing (including among children) and levels of ad-blocking, among many other things. You can find out more here.

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