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Pirelli World Challenge will show how perfect synchronization of live OTT across screens could revolutionize sports coverage

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The ability to watch driver cams and multiple camera feeds during motor sports in perfect synchronization across all OTT screens is one of the immediate benefits for fans of Pirelli World Challenge when it deploys its ultra-low delay and synchronization solution for live streaming. North America’s top production car-based racing championship has chosen AerNow, a global platform for rendering immersive live experiences, and Net Insight, the media transport and resource scheduling specialist, to deliver the solution. The ambition is for a commercial trial with Pirelli World Challenge rights holders this autumn.

Viewers can access all live feeds from their OTT devices, giving them the option to choose which driver or what car they want to follow more closely. They can also choose to view multiple cameras, from multiple cars, at the same time, directing their own experience throughout the entire race. This kind of universal TV experience becomes realistic when there is no possibility that as you move from one driver-cam to another, or between camera angles (if you are watching them on different screens), you find yourself ten seconds behind or ahead of where you were.

The live streams are complemented with real-time statistics and data from both drivers and cars, resulting in a truly engaging and immersive experience. This deployment demonstrates the full potential for the SYE solution, which was recently shortlisted for a Connies award. Crucially, because all screens are in perfect synchronisation, live events can become an all-screen experience, where each device complements what others are showing rather than just replicating the same content.

Net Insight and AerNow will be using NAB Show to demonstrate SYE. Attendees will be immersed in a racing experience across multiple screens, connecting real-time data and video aggregation at network speeds.

With all fans seeing the same live content at the same time, fans can stay connected to their online communities without worrying about ‘spoilers’ when they, or someone else, comments on what just happened. “Allowing the fans to follow their preferred driver in various camera angles, or in head to head mode between two opponents, will create new and amazing viewing experiences”, adds Greg Gill, President and CEO of Pirelli World Challenge.

Per Lindgren, Senior Vice President of Live OTT at Net Insight, says, “This is a truly live OTT experience that complements and elevates the linear broadcast, driving people to use both screens, staying engaged for longer periods of time. We are showing how broadcast meets streaming and mobile for the most engaging sports viewing experiences. This is just the beginning of this new world of sports entertainment.”

Darcy Lorincz, CTO of AerNow, says the three companies have created the next-generation immersive motor sport fan experience. “The new unified solution demonstrates the immense possibilities for our customers and partners like Pirelli World Challenge and their rights holders, to engage new audiences.”

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