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IBC: Kaltura demonstrates multiple enhancements to its Cloud TV Platform, including improved availability for live and VOD TV viewing

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Video technology provider Kaltura will be demonstrating a number of enhancements to its Cloud TV Platform at IBC.

The latest release ensures 99.995% availability for live and VOD TV viewing across all devices, which Kaltura says makes it the first in the industry to commit to this level of service. Shay David, Co-founder, President and General Manager of Media and Telecom at Kaltura, reasons that since large-scale live TV events are increasingly streamed over the Internet, operators simply can’t afford any glitches: ‘Imagine buffering just before the final goal of a football match,’ he says.

Other enhancements to the Kaltura Coud TV Platform include investing in its modularity, so that customers are able to experiment with a range of business models and other features and functionality, to create a TV solution optimised to their needs.

Kaltura says the platform’s enhanced flexibility also enables it to integrate with legacy TV platforms and migrate them to a hybrid cloud solution – so that customers can still benefit from their previous investment in STBs and infrastructure while transitioning to the cloud.

Additional enhancements to Kaltura’s TV Platform include:

• A Marketing Campaign and Coupon Engine to enable operators to upsell new TV products and special offers

• Personalization based on user interests: users can select their favourite content to enjoy a more personalized service with more relevant content

• Churn prevention capabilities: Kaltura’s system proactively measures user “happiness scores” and churn predictability

• Search Enhancements: e.g. Soundex search, which improves the search experience enabling “fuzzy” search queries with spelling errors, alternate spelling or synonyms

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