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Videonet webcast discusses how you use open source customer premise equipment to drive service innovation

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Videonet is hosting a webcast next week that will consider how a move to open source middleware for customer premise equipment (specifically RDK and Android TV in its various forms) will impact innovation at Pay TV and broadband service providers, and how to migrate successfully to open source based software. The webcast is live on Tuesday, November 7 at 1600 CET, 1500 GMT, 1000 EST and we will be open for audience questions.

We are joined by Thomas Helbo, CTO at Com Hem, the Swedish Pay TV and broadband provider that has decided to use Android TV for its new generation of non-PVR set-top boxes, and by Darren Fawcett, VP Technology Solutions at ARRIS, a CPE giant and one of the pioneers in RDK-V and RDK-B (for broadband devices) that unveiled its Android TV set-top box options at IBC in September.

The one-hour discussion will review:

  • The future of connected home services and equipment (covering video and broadband services)
  • The extent to which open source middleware can accelerate device launches and updates, and reduce costs
  • How it is possible to differentiate platforms and services (including the user experience) when using open source middleware
  • The characteristics of RDK-V and Android (GMS and AOSP) and their likely evolution
  • How to successfully manage a transformation to open source based CPE
  • The future of proprietary middleware and long-term support for legacy systems
  • The organisational changes needed to maximise the innovation potential of open source based device platforms.

‘Using open source CPE to drive service innovation’ – find out more and register free using this link.

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