Home Webcast Using open source CPE to drive service innovation

Using open source CPE to drive service innovation

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This webcast considers how a move to open source middleware/software for customer premise equipment will impact innovation at Pay TV and broadband service providers, and how to migrate successfully to open source based software. It reviews:
  • The future of connected home services and equipment (covering video and broadband services)
  • The extent to which open source middleware can accelerate device launches and updates, and reduce costs
  • How it is possible to differentiate platforms and services (including the user experience) when using open source middleware
  • The characteristics of RDK-V and Android (GMS and AOSP) and their likely evolution
  • How to successfully manage a transformation to open source based CPE
  • The future of proprietary middleware and long-term support for legacy systems
  • The organisational changes needed to maximise the innovation potential of open source based device platforms.

Speakers include:

Joel Westin, Product Director, ComHem
Darren Fawcett, VP Technology SolutionsARRIS
John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

You can listen on-demand or view the slides via this link

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