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Sky, egta and EACA back consortium exploring opportunities in TV measurement, metrics and data

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Sky, Adobe Systems, TVbeat and Alphonso have formed a TV and advertising measurement, metrics and data thought-leadership consortium, supported and advised by egta, the European trade association for television and radio sales houses, and EACA, the European Association of Communications Agencies. The group will explore opportunities enabled by new developments in the three interest areas, such as advanced targeting, audience profiling, viewability, attribution and advanced analytics.

Managed by research and strategy consultancy MTM, the Consortium will facilitate an extensive programme of research, dialogue and engagement – also investigating industry priorities and where more collaboration is needed. A report summarising the Consortium’s conclusions and recommendations will be published in Q2 2018. Efforts will then be made to turn the recommendations into actions that the wider television and advertising industry can get behind.

A statement from the Consortium explains: “The rapid growth and development of multiplatform TV viewing and growing competition from new digital competitors are stimulating new developments and growing investment in measurement and data across the TV industry. Across Europe, the TV industry is already investing heavily in the roll-out of next-generation hybrid TV audience measurement solutions, to better measure multi-platform viewing.

“Alongside these investments, opportunities are proliferating: to personalise interactions with viewers; to leverage data from TV platforms and OTT services; to introduce new quality metrics such as viewability, dwell time and context; to demonstrate effectiveness in new ways; and to unlock the full potential of advanced advertising. Addressing these opportunities presents challenges for the TV industry. Many solutions will require greater collaboration, across industry value chains, and new partnerships to unlock their full potential.”

Jon Chase, Chair of EACA’s Media Agencies Council, comments: “As audiences increasingly view content via various locations, devices and formats, the line between TV and digital video is blurring. Progress is being made to develop new techniques for cross-platform audience measurement and targeting, but more cross-industry and cross-border efforts are required to further enhance and harmonise measurement standards and practices. As a result, EACA welcomes and supports the ambition of this initiative.”

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