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All brand exposures on TV, from store signs in a drama to F1 baseball caps to ads, can be flagged and valued

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By understanding better what is inside content and cross-referencing that against an understanding of what programming has been seen by which people, Hive and 605 are giving marketers the chance to understand televisual brand exposure on a whole new level. The two companies were at NAB Show this week demonstrating their new joint solution.

Hive uses AI and deep learning techniques to identify and capture metadata related to TV content. The company currently ingests over 200 channels of broadcasted TV across the U.S. and Europe through its Hive Media platform. Every second of this footage is tagged – with brands, products and objects recognised in real-time. The company is adding over 500 million metadata tags per day to a growing collection that already numbers hundreds of billions.

Hive Media can recognise in-show advertising and products by brand and type, anywhere they happen on television. This could be a brand’s storefront signage in a scene of the latest episode of Billions, or a logo on the boards of a New York Rangers hockey game, or a logo on a golfer’s hat during coverage of the Masters Tournament, for example. Hive Media is able to identify that brand impression

605 can help assign a value to each ‘impression’ of the brand that someone sees. 605 is an advanced data and analytics company focused on the media and entertainment industries. It offers independent audience and attribution analytics across large and complex data-sets. It has access to one of the industry’s largest TV viewership datasets available (in the U.S.), harnessing census-level data, including from set-top boxes at multiple Pay TV operators.

As part of their agreement, Hive Media and 605 will fuse aggregated, second-by-second viewership data with Hive Media’s tagged TV content to deliver content analytics that marketers and programmers can harness. The outputs include brand exposure, audience engagement, tune-in/tune-out and conversion measures. The joint offering is designed to provide deeper insights into both paid (e.g. advertising and sponsorship) and earned media (e.g. when a company is featured on a technology show, or in the news) on television.

“We are excited to finally start understanding the wealth of TV data we have at our disposal,” says Kevin Guo, Co-Founder and CEO of Hive. “When we combine our tagged content with 605’s viewership data, we can extract incredibly powerful insights to help broadcasters and brands optimise their on-screen strategies.”

Ben Tatta, Co-Founder and President of 605, says: “Hive Media’s ability to capture both paid and earned brand exposure on more than 200 linear channels is truly unique. This partnership is an important step forwards in our effort to fill the measurement void in television and to provide clients with deeper, more valuable insights into the impact of TV.”
Hive Media does not share customers’ personally identifiable data with outside sources, only insights that they have been derived from in-house analysis and measurements. Hive Media and 605 will collaborate in bringing this advanced measurement solution to their respective clients.

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