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Verimatrix introduces BI capabilities to Verspective to drive better data-driven decisions across an organisation

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Video service providers are currently using problem-specific analytics tools that create disparate data silos. They might be using website analytics to get an aggregate view of their traffic, a quality of experience (QoE) tool to measure the subscriber’s perception of the service, a quality of service (QoS) tool to measure performance of the delivery platform, and a BI (Business Intelligence) tool as a way to connect these multiple sources. Furthermore, there is no clear connection to develop insights into specific data-driven actions that improve the business.

These are the words of Verimatrix, outlining how it observes the marketplace it hopes to change with Verspective Intelligence, the Business Intelligence (BI) functionality that has been added to the company’s existing Verspective Analytics suite. Verimatrix was showcasing Verspective Intelligence at NAB Show in Las Vegas and claiming it will provide a 360-degree view across different network and device types and drive better data-driven decisions across an organisation.

“Leveraging robust and secure data aggregation methods, Verspective Intelligence enables service providers to make informed decisions about their audiences, content, consumption, and overall service performance, by providing a data environment for collaboration,” the company said. “It helps service providers maximise their network performance and optimise subscriber experience in order to further monetize their services.”

Verspective Intelligence normalises the feed from subscriber devices leveraging the Verspective RT data collection solution, along with additional data sources. (Verspective RT offers a complete suite of tools for extracting service quality data from client devices and providing real-time analyses). This allows for a more precise method of segmenting the subscriber audience based on how they engage with the service.

Verimatrix says that service providers using Verspective Intelligence will be able to address potential problems and uncover upsell opportunities more effectively, partly thanks to off-the-shelf and customisable reporting tools. “This solution also accurately collates content usage and consumption analytics data from downstream operator sites, which offers a level of unprecedented visibility for content owners,” the company says.

With Verspective Intelligence, Verimatrix is now serving the Business Intelligence marketplace. “Our fundamental approach to our entire Verspective Analytics suite is to create an environment that helps an organisation better collaborate to make data-driven decisions about their business,” says Tom Pollard, VP, Product Management at Verimatrix. “Verspective Analytics production deployments are approaching 1 billion video streams processed per month. Verspective Intelligence will open up a whole new set of insights.”

Verspective Intelligence is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering via the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, which reduces CapEx and OpEx while allowing the operator to retain full control of its service offering and subscriber relationships. The intelligence and dashboard portal provides an enhanced visualisation engine with expanded customisable reporting tools. Verimatrix continues its best-in-breed partner ecosystem approach by enabling secure data export to third-party or proprietary tools, along with pre-integrated industry-leading analytics partner options.

Verimatrix protects customer privacy and associated data as part of its comprehensive approach to end-to-end data security. Verspective Analytics solutions help customers to prepare for and manage ongoing requirements under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect on May 25. The GDPR is a significant update to EU data protection laws that is affecting the practices and policies of companies worldwide.

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