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Channel 4 calls for partners to test AI-driven TV ad-tech

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Last week Videonet and our sister publication Mediatel Newsline revealed that Channel 4 has been conducting laboratory tests with viewers that have demonstrated the potential to dramatically improve ad recall, and also the ability to raise brand awareness, when ad breaks show brands that are directly relevant to programme scenes that preceded the ad break.

The broadcaster had used AI to identify what it calls ‘contextual moments’ where a category of goods is used or talked about in a positive manner during a programme. It found that when strong and positive contextual moments were followed by a relevant brand advertisement, ad recall was 101% higher than the recall amongst a control group. You can read more about the tests here.

Channel 4 is now calling for partners to test the AI-driven TV ad-tech. “Our ‘Contextual Moments’ trial offers advertisers the ability to buy bundles of relevant advertising within a quality and safe broadcast environment for the first time ever,” said Jonathan Allan, Chief Commercial Officer at Channel 4. “Our pioneering ad-tech provides an exciting opportunity for advertisers to test a global first in linear TV ad targeting, which we know delivers strong results.”

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