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IBC 2018: Bitmovin to show range of upgraded products at IBC, including per-title encoding

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Bitmovin, which provides adaptive streaming infrastructure for video publishers and integrators, will showcase a number of different products at IBC this year, including:

• A new ‘per-title encoding’ product: this is a form of encoding optimisation for ABR that customises the bit-rate ladder for each and every  video, based on its complexity. Combined with 3-pass encoding, Bitmovin’s product delivers the highest quality demanded for that video to match the human eye’s ability to perceive detail. The company says that by dynamically setting the bitrate ladder for each content type, it takes the guesswork out of bitrate ladder engineering work.

• Enhanced AV1 End-To-End Workflow: this follows on from Bitmovin’s success delivering the first AV1 broadcast-quality live stream and the first browser playback of AV1 in Mozilla Firefox. The solution has now been upgraded to support other browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

• A Modular, Small Footprint Player: Bitmovin Player V8 offers a modular capability allowing a much smaller footprint while still offering rich feature sets. The new player offers an average 1-second increase in responsiveness, boosting viewing QoE.

• DolbyVision HDR capability: Bitmovin encoders can now deliver DolbyVision HDR video to be played back on DolbyVision-capable large screen TVs and other consumer devices.

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