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Re-imagining content distribution workflow for the video industry

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This report demonstrates how the content workflow and rights management inefficiencies associated with multiplatform TV can be eliminated, helping to accelerate rights negotiations and content preparation and so get content in front of consumers faster, at lower cost. It outlines a transformative solution, using a common cloud platform and PaaS model, that creates a frictionless, end-to-end marketplace connecting content providers and video service operators.

You can read how content providers can gain unprecedented, real-time visibility into content usage and therefore rights compliance, encouraging trust and opening the way to more flexible business models and new distribution partnerships. The report explains how it is possible to encode and encrypt content only once for multiple distribution end-points, eliminating the process duplication and associated costs that currently burden the industry.

Known security vulnerabilities, caused today by the decryption and re-encryption of content during video processing (like transcoding) are removed with the new workflow model. Automated management of rights and rules enforcement removes manual burdens from both content providers and video service operators. The report demonstrates how these benefits are achieved.

Readers will see that we have reached a watershed moment as the complexities introduced by multiplatform TV are dramatically reduced again. The new technologies, workflow architecture and vendor collaborations that make this possible are outlined here. Experts from Swisscom, TCC Uruguay, Verimatrix, AWS Elemental, Rethink Technology Research, tvstrategies, Mediamorph, Minerva Networks and others give their views on the potential impact.

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