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Pay TV operators can let consumers make billing queries or instruct their PVR via Google Assistant

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3SS has announced 3READY Assistant to enable the use of Google Assistant on Android TV Operator Tier based set-top boxes. Pay TV operators will be able to define and incorporate voice assistant functions that enrich their service, like allowing consumers to make oral billing queries or issue PVR instructions, or manage parental control, via Google Assistant.

“This is a major benefit, promoting subscriber loyalty by enabling deeper engagement with the service using voice technology,” says 3SS, which has made 3READY Assistant part of its 3READY Android TV Operator Tier Custom Launcher solution (which provides an operator controlled user experience on an Android TV set-top box). A key part of the 3READY Assistant service model is continuous enhancement, with new commands and functions being regularly introduced into its ‘vocabulary’, 3SS promises.

“3READY is making the Google Assistant more useful for operators, helping them transform the way people think about and interact with their Pay TV service,” declares Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director at 3SS. “3READY Assistant enables service providers to even further differentiate their offerings from competitors. It will enhance customer satisfaction by offering new capabilities, better discoverability, and ultimately maximise business potential.”

3SS is one of the first companies to introduce cloud-to-cloud-based Google Assistant integration. This configuration, offered by Google, differs to conventional device-centric integration projects. “Cloud-based Android TV systems enable the operator to more seamlessly manage service delivery on multiple devices in parallel to the STB,” 3SS explains.

“Additionally, the operator can control up to three ‘watch actions’ that the user can select from within the Google Assistant. In contrast, with on-device implementations, only one watch action can be presented. 3READY Cloud-to-Cloud Integration also enables operators to remotely optimise and personalise search results, and benefit from faster search results.”

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