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AudienceProject survey shows 42% of Netflix users would ditch an ad-filled version that costs less

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An astonishing 57% of consumers would cancel their Netflix subscription if the company were to add commercials into its streaming service. Moreover, 42% would ditch the service if ads were included but the price was lowered as compensation. This is according to a 16,000 person online survey across the UK, U.S., Nordics and Germany conducted by AudienceProject, a company that helps brands, agencies and publishers identify, target and validate audiences – drawing upon a huge base of panellists worldwide (claimed to number 1.5 million). The figures were collected in Q4 last year.

The survey, which resulted in the ‘AudienceProject Insights 2019’ study, shows that 41% of people are streaming more video compared to the previous year. In the UK, 83% of respondents said they still watch traditional TV on a weekly basis, but 43% claimed they were watching less than the previous year [Editor’s note – analysts would add the caveat that self-reporting and measured reporting are not the same thing].

The UK figures from this survey also showed that in the 15-25 year-old age range, the number of people streaming or downloading every week is only marginally less than the numbers watching TV every week (63% versus 65% respectively).

Televisions are the preferred device for watching streamed content in the UK, but this survey revealed that the computer is favoured in Germany, Sweden and Finland. Sixty-three per cent of all respondents use other devices while watching TV and 82% of this group use them ‘regularly/frequently’.

When multi-screening, the second screen is, in order of importance, mobile (79%), tablet (44%) and computer (35%). The smartwatch also makes an entrance with 4% of the double-screeners looking at their wrist while in front of the TV set (checking their steps, maybe?).

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