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CTV 19 explores where new advertising revenues will come from

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Advertising is one of the most disrupted and dynamic parts of the television ecosystem today, due to audience fragmentation across multiple screens and the growing power of born-digital advertising media and especially Google and Facebook. Connected TV World Summit has three sessions dedicated to the future of television advertising, including how we secure the concept of ad-supported TV itself, how we grow advertising revenues and how we reunify advertising and audiences in the face of fragmentation (and how TV can lead that process).

In the ‘Sustaining the ad-supported TV model’ session, Virginie Sappey, Marketing Director at France Télévisions Publicité/France.tv and Thibaut Mathieu, TV Innovation Director at Orange, analyse the ability of TV advertising to drive web activity. They have results from a real-life research study across campaigns at Orange.

Daniel Bischoff, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer at RTL AdConnect and Gert Marien, Innovation Manager – TV, Adverts and Digital Media at Proximus, are among the panellists who will explore the innovations that can safeguard TV advertising budgets.

There is also a discussion about strategies for future-proofing TV for advertisers. It explores the availability of data and insights needed to show the effectiveness of TV advertising. There is a look at how you understand the true impact of BVOD. The panellists are Simon Cross, Solutions Director, Media at Ebiquity, Matt Hill, Director of Research and Planning at Thinkbox, and Clare Peters, Chief Business Strategist, MG OMD.

In the session on ‘Generating new advertising revenue’ Paola Colombo, General Manager, Adtech and Business Development at Publitalia ’80 (the sales house for Mediaset) demonstrates the path towards DAI and data-rich targeting within free-to-air broadcasts in Italy. This includes a look at the technology enablers, including HbbTV IP-into-broadcast and MHP. She outlines her company’s ability to segment audiences by region and household type, and how advertisers have used targeting so far.

Romil Ramgarhia, COO at BARC, India’s TV measurement ratings body, provides insights from the Indian market including innovations in measurement technology and how the country is dealing with out-of-home TV viewership.

There is a panel on ‘Generating new TV advertising revenues – where are the big opportunities?’. This explores how you maximise advertising yield from live streamed content and whether AI-led efforts to judge programming sentiment and emotion and match it more closely to advertising can attract new revenue. Panellists will discuss the data-driven capabilities broadcasters must offer if they want cash from more digital-first brands who would like to use TV to grow.

This panel features Bob Ivins, Chief Data Officer at NCC Media (the national TV advertising sales, marketing and technology company owned in partnership by Comcast, Charter and Cox) and Ed Couchman, General Manager, UK at Snap Inc. Clive Page, Head of Product, Data and Analytics at Finecast, also lends his expertise.

The Day Two breakfast briefing concentrates on ‘How TV can lead the reunification of advertising and audiences’. Speakers include Jeff Eales, Director of Systems and Development at Sky, and Jonathan Waite, Head of Product at Amplifi UK (a leading media agency).

Among other things, they discuss what we need from the new generation of Total TV audience measurement systems in Europe, and how we improve attribution so agencies can prove the value of media investments and media owners are properly credited for their contribution to success.

You can find full details about Connected TV World Summit here.

The full agenda is here.

You can register for the event via this link.

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