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The BBC has set out four core priorities for 2019/20: creativity; growing BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds; trust and impartiality in news; and making the BBC the best place to work.

In terms of growing the iPlayer, the BBC said its vision is to turn the service from a catch-up offering to a “destination in its own right” – one that brings together the best of the BBC’s content and tailors it to each user.

“iPlayer needs to be at the beating heart of the BBC, [and is] increasingly the primary way that some people will experience our video content and receive value for their licence fee,” according to the report.

The BBC said it needs to attract more people to the iPlayer and to commission more programmes with the iPlayer specifically in mind, while also looking at what it can offer in terms of live programming.

It also set out plans to accelerate the development of new series, new voices and new formats for BBC Sounds, with a focus on appealing to younger audiences. Sounds launched last October and brings together the BBC’s music, radio and podcast output in a single app and website.

On the creativity front, BBC’s Annual Plan states that the corporation will take even more risks, especially for younger audiences, increasing its investment in young-skewing programmes across all genres and upping this content’s prominence on it services.

At the same time it said the BBC needs to go “further and faster” in working outside London, describing the 50% of the organisation that’s currently based outside the capital as a “great starting point”.

The BBC’s other two priorities are to: focus on the impartiality of BBC news and make sure a variety of voices are heard in the face of “widened generational, political and social differences”; and to reflect the diverse communities of the UK in its workforce and output.

“All broadcasters face the challenges of a fast-changing media landscape. The BBC can meet those challenges and succeed in the future, just as we have succeeded in the past,” said BBC Director General, Tony Hall.

“We will achieve success by continuing to place British creativity at the heart of our program making. Our ambition is to deliver the very best, most distinctive, British content of any broadcaster.”

BBC Chairman David Clementi added: “This plan lays the foundations for the continued success of the BBC.  It has creativity and journalistic integrity at its heart and will ensure we continue to deliver great programming and journalism to the public.

“The BBC will of course, like many organisations, face challenges in the months and years ahead, but our plans mean that the public will have a huge amount to look forward to.”

To access the full BBC Annual Plan 2019/20, click here (PDF).

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