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SES increases number of TV homes served

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Satellite operator SES said that the number of TV households it serves increased by more than four million to over 355 million in 2018.

SES’s annual Satellite Monitor survey revealed that at the end of last year the company served 167 million TV homes across Europe, where direct-to-home (DTH) remains the leading distribution technology.

SES said it is also delivered video content to 72 million households across North America, mainly via the US cable neighbourhoods, and continues to expand its technical reach across other markets.

In Asia Pacific it served 37 million TV homes, in Latin America it served 33 million, in Africa it served 33 million and in the Middle East 13 million TV homes at year-end 2018.

Overall, SES said it delivered 2,777 HD TV channels, 5,324 SD channels and some 50 UHD TV channels – 30 of which were commercial channels.

“Regardless of the shift in consumption habits, it is clear that our business remains an essential tool in delivering a high-quality viewing experience to the world’s leading broadcasters and content owners,” said Ferdinand Kayser, CEO of SES Video.

The latest research marks the 25th year that SES has conducted its Satellite Monitor survey.

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