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ITV looking to control its own advanced advertising destiny

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ITV announced this week that it was launching a new programmatic platform on the basis of an exclusive UK and Ireland tech licensing deal with Amobee. This is for content on its streaming service, ITV Hub.

The broadcaster already uses Amobee’s programmatic solutions but can now develop the Amobee technology and so build its own platform around it, which can be used for ITV services but also opened up to other broadcasters (and the company will invite others onboard when it is launched).

The new programmatic platform will expand upon ITV’s existing data-enabled and targeted advertising capabilities on ITV Hub. The company will tick at least three important boxes for advertisers: the ability to segment audiences and target them based on granular attributes like need-state, purchase intent and lifestyle; The ability to fuse its own data with that of advertisers to create custom audiences (that can be targeted); Frictionless access to inventory that can be targeted – in a brand safe and premium quality environment.

The new platform will be used for both VOD and live streaming, although VOD is top-of-mind for ITV right now. In a sign of the broadcaster’s ambition, CEO Carolyn McCall said the new platform will enable ITV to create an industry standard for VOD. A spokesperson confirmed that ITV wants the wider online industry to use the same kind of measurement that it does.

For Amobee, this agreement marks its most significant move into the television space since its acquisition of Videology assets in 2018.

ITV appears determined to control its own ad-tech destiny. Last autumn the company ruled out using Sky AdSmart for broadcast addressable TV advertising, preferring to build its own solution. It said it would talk to Channel 4 about possible collaboration in that space. ITV did start pursuing an addressable solution for broadcast with Sorenson Media but that project was aborted. That approach would have streamed IP advertisements to connected television sets.

See the full story on the ITV/Amobee programmatic tech licensing deal here.

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