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UKTV adds live streaming to UKTV Play

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Broadcaster UKTV has added live streaming capabilities to its catch-up service UKTV Play.

From this week, viewers can watch Dave, Drama, Yesterday, Really and Home, live on the UKTV Play website.

The channel streams will also be available on UKTV Play’s mobile and TV apps in the coming months.

“The introduction of simulcast on UKTV Play is another exciting and important part of our strategy,” said Tom Davidson, General Manager for UKTV Play.

“The live streaming functionality seamlessly ties together the worlds of video on demand and live TV and provides viewers with a host of new benefits.”

UKTV Play’s live streams are provided by Simplestream, which offers live, live-to-VOD and on demand OTT services.

The news comes after BBC Studios and Discovery, which own UKTV as a joint venture, agreed to split up the business earlier this month.

BBC Studios is due to pay £173m to Discovery to acquire the UKTV brand, the bulk of its channels and UKTV Player. Discovery will take full control of lifestyle channels Good Food, Home and Really.

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