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Ericsson: peak video consumption to happen in the 5G era

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In a ‘5G future’ three hours more video content will be consumed on mobile devices per week away from the home, an hour of which will be on AR/VR glasses, according to Ericsson predictions.

The mobile technology vendor’s ‘5G consumer potential: busting the myths around the value of 5G’ report claims that 5G will relieve video streaming capacity constraints and points to further growth in mobile streaming.

According to Ericsson’s Mobility Report Calculator, average world smartphone usage in 2018 stood at 5.6GB per month. It expects this to increase to 21GB per month in 2024.

The company estimates that 60% of today’s mobile data usage already comes from video consumption but said that “consumers expect to increase their video usage drastically with 5G”.

“Half of smartphone users in our survey say they will start watching YouTube and Netflix in 4K and will download more HD video content once 5G is available,” according to the report.

“While one-third of all smartphone users say they already spend far too much time streaming videos, one in five say that they could spend more time doing so – provided that devices improve in screen size and battery life, data plan allowances are generous and they do not have to hold the smartphone throughout but could instead wear glasses that project video.”

“Smartphone users estimate that overall video viewing across mobile or portable screens while being out of home will increase by around three hours per week – from six and a half to nine hours – in the next five years, of which one hour will be on AR/VR glasses by 2025.”

To download the full report, click here (PDF).

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