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Futuresource: eSports revenues to break US$1bn in 2020

uturesource UK eSports uptake chart by age
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eSports industry revenues are set to break US$1 billion in 2020, with global audiences to be close to 800 million by 2023, according to Futuresource Consulting.

Presenting at the DTG Summit in London last week, Futuresource Associate Director, Carl Hibbert, said the global audience for eSports in 2018 was some 410 million.

The global number of eSports tournaments was measured at more than 4,000 last year with a prize pool approaching US$200 million.

Futuresource predicted that the base of casual eSports viewers will rise as eSports extends to more demographics and its distribution continues to evolve.

Hibbert also pointed to the large uptake of eSports in the UK, particularly among 16-25 year-olds. Among this age-group, eSports uptake of 55% compares to Netflix uptake of 74%.

In the UK, 16-25 year-old eSports viewers tune in for seven hours per-week on average, compared to nine hours of Netflix, according to the research firm, which stressed that eSports is “not just a niche for kids”.

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