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New Piracy Monitor is executive resource for everyone with an interest in protecting content

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tvstrategies, the US-based consulting company with global outlook, has introduced Piracy Monitor, an information service and executive resource focused on video piracy. “This will also be a voice of advocacy for creators and for the industry,” says Steve Hawley, Principal Analyst & Consultant at tvstrategies.

“tvstrategies Piracy Monitor is dedicated to awareness: the causes, use-cases, impact, available remedies, countermeasures and practices associated with video piracy,” says Hawley. “This is aimed at anyone with a concern about doing what’s right with content.”

There will be three components to Piracy Monitor, starting with an e-newsletter and website devoted to awareness. This will carry current industry news about piracy incidents, their causes, the associated losses, anti-piracy practices and progress in the ongoing battle against content theft and redistribution. There will also be opinion and analysis from both guests and tvstrategies.

Later in the year, Piracy Monitor will introduce a market intelligence service and build a community of interest around piracy. Video service providers, content owners and rights-holders, infrastructure and device-ecosystem providers will benefit from the new service, Hawley promises. So too will associations and organisations in the media and entertainment industry.

There will be quarterly updates and an annual report on industry developments. “We will provide tools and justifications for stake-holders investing time and resources into anti-piracy initiatives,” the new service promises.

Hawley is passionate about the need for a resource like this. “Billions are spent on creating, distributing and monetising content, benefiting media companies, operators and advertisers.  We also need a voice for individual artists and creative professionals that are simply trying to make a living – all of whom are victims of theft.

“The industry can also do a better job in advocating for consumers. Yes, pirate sites offer the world of programming for pennies but is it worth it when they get hit by malware, ransomware, account theft and enormous broadband bills because pirates invaded their accounts?”

The tvstrategies Piracy Monitor newsletter and website are free to access and join. You can learn more, and download a white paper titled ‘Piracy in the Age of IP Video – Part 1’ here.

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