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Ampere: Netflix’s Nordic market share dented by local rivals

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Netflix’s average market share in the Nordic region is just 49% compared to an average of 71% in the rest of Western Europe, despite Nordic markets having among the highest SVOD uptake in Europe.

This is according to a new research note by Ampere Analysis, which claims that local players like Viaplay, TV2 Play, C More and the regional version of HBO together account for the majority of streaming service contracts in the Nordic markets, despite being small individually.

By contrast, Netflix was found to account for the majority of SVOD subscriptions in every other Western European market except Germany, Italy and Spain.

“The Nordic countries are home to the most dynamic streaming TV markets in Europe and local players have had to deal with a rapid transition of TV viewers to streaming services,” said Elinor Clark, Analyst at Ampere Analysis.

In terms of content, Ampere notes that there are early signs that local streaming providers in the Nordic markets are starting to move beyond the ‘Nordic Noir’ crime genre as they aim to compete with international players.

By analysing programmes currently in production or development in the region, but not yet aired, Ampere found that 47% of shows are crime or thriller content – though it said that streaming players are more diverse in their commissioning strategies than linear channels.

Breaking this down, Ampere said the local linear channels have 59 shows in development, 52% of which are in the crime genre. The streaming players by comparison have 23 shows in development, 39% of which are crime programmes.

“Content is now the key battleground and, while Nordic Noir has served the region well, there is indication that local players will now look to develop comedy and period drama as the next big push,” said Clark.

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