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Advertising collaboration just got bigger, with OpenAP and NCC Media deal

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In an illustration of how channel owners and Pay TV operators can work together, and demonstrating how the television industry in the U.S. is increasingly presenting itself as a large-scale buy for marketers who want data-driven, audience-based buying, NCC Media and OpenAP have formed a partnership. National TV advertisers in the U.S. will be able to use OpenAP’s advanced audience segment definitions for campaigns that will extend across the 85 million household footprint represented by NCC Media. Classic linear, VOD and addressable inventory are covered by the cooperation.

“This agreement simplifies and improves advertisers’ ability to reach unified audiences across broadcast, cable and digital TV,” a joint statement says. NCC Media and OpenAP add: “This initiative is the first of several new data and measurement programmes the two companies are developing to support a more open ecosystem for comprehensive TV buying.”

As we have reported previously, OpenAP was launched in 2017 and is operated for the benefit of FOX, NBCUniversal, Viacom and Univision. It was the first open platform for cross-broadcaster audience targeting with independent third-party verification/posting. Initially it focused on broadcast linear TV but recently announced that it was incorporating long-form digital video into its unified audience discovery and planning system.

Acting as a centralised premium video marketplace with workflow automation, OpenAP enables brands and agencies to perform audience-based buying (where you can target consumer segments based on lifestyle, behaviours and need-state, looking way beyond demographics) at significant scale. One of the main attractions for buyers is that the audience segmentation is consistent across all the broadcasters and you can buy the audience set you want and reach them on the combined inventory of these television majors through a single plan.

OpenAP represents one of the most important advertising-related broadcaster collaborations on earth. NCC Media, meanwhile, is the ad sales, technology and marketing company jointly owned by the U.S. cable giants Charter, Comcast and Cox and is one of the most important Pay TV operator advertising collaborations anywhere.

NCC Media enables unified planning and campaign management for traditional linear, STB addressable (linear and VOD) and targeted multiscreen and digital advertising. The company harmonises set-top box viewing reports from its three co-owners and ensures consistency in audience segmentation as well as reporting. The household-level addressable set-top box advertising is delivered nationwide (USA) across the multi-Pay TV operator inventory, providing advertisers with a large addressable footprint from any single buy.

For these world-leading collaborations, one among broadcasters and one Pay TV led, to join forces is a significant landmark. “Today’s announcement represents the first major step in a transformative alignment between MVPDs [US Pay TV operators] and programmers,” declares David Levy, CEO of OpenAP. “Together, we can accomplish a lot more in our quest to create a sustainable ad-supported TV ecosystem that works for advertisers, publishers, and most importantly consumers.”

Nicolle Pangis, CEO of NCC Media, adds: “We are excited to join with OpenAP in the mission of building an open model for the new world of data-driven advanced TV advertising that will position the industry for even greater growth. The history of TV advertising is one of collaboration, with industry participants operating around a shared set of data and measurement standards as a way to drive success across the board.”

More about OpenAP

This Videonet story outlines the latest developments in OpenAP 2.0 .

Notable advertising collaborations

  • New: ProSiebenSat.1 and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s recently announced 50/50 joint venture to enable advertisers to target audiences with addressable TV and online video ads across the inventory of both broadcast groups, plus third parties for digital.
  • On its way: Australia’s Total TV measurement system VOZ, which comes with a shared audience targeting platform that is backed by the local broadcasters.
  • Live: EBX, a shared programmatic solution for pan-European digital inventory operated by Mediaset, TF1, ProSiebenSat.1 Media and Channel 4.
  • Live: RTL AdConnect, which combines RTL broadcasters and third-parties like ITV and RAI to help advertisers find audiences across multi-broadcaster inventory.
  • Imminent: The addition of the Virgin Media footprint to Sky AdSmart, creating a 30 million total household addressable advertising footprint for buyers.
  • Live: Xandr, which combines the addressable inventory sales for AT&T, Altice USA and Frontier Communications, among other things.
  • Live: OpenAP, the U.S. platform where Fox Networks, Turner, Viacom, NBCU and Univision provide a common planning, audience delivery and reporting platform for audience-based TV (broadcast linear and now premium digital video) buying.
  • Live: NCC Media, the ad sales, technology and marketing company jointly owned by the U.S. cable giants Charter, Comcast and Cox.
  • New: OpenAP and NCC Media, who are cooperating to enable buying against OpenAP audience segments on the 85 million household footprint covered by NCC Media.

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