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Kantar’s new AI-based solutions gauge the value of context and the right brand/activation budget mix

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Kantar, the data, insights and consulting company, used Cannes Lions 2019 to unveil four big-data and AI-based solutions designed to help brands, advertising agencies and media companies build and measure campaigns that have global impact, and do this more efficiently and more accurately. The first of the new products is Context Lab, a new platform that creates synergy between creative and media strategies.

“Context Lab answers the question , ‘How does content perform incrementally better in different media environments?’,” Kantar explains. “The platform is flexible enough to optimise elements of a sponsorship, assess the value of branded content, evaluate boutique sites, choose the right creative for the right environments, understand potential for influencer or social performance within a live feed or optimise ad units for the environment in which they will run.”

The second new offering is called Balanced Attribution. This allows marketing leaders to balance short-term sales optimisation and long-term brand equity growth – which is one of the most pressing needs in the industry today. “Balanced Attribution allows companies to find the right mix of channels, both online and offline,” the company declares.

Balanced Attribution is built on the experience of over 10,000 brand lift studies and enhanced with AI capabilities from Kantar’s Analytics Practice and sales data from Kantar and partners. “It is designed to help clients optimise their marketing to the ideal balance between upper funnel brand objectives and lower funnel sales,” Kantar emphasises.

‘Creative Transport’ is the third announcement. This is a toolset capable of forecasting how well creative executions designed for one country will perform if transported to other markets. Kantar combines learning from historical ads and the Link database to unleash AI-powered predictive models that guide where to re-use creative and where investment in new creative is needed. In beta testing, clients have saved up to 30% in reduced creative production costs, the company reports.

Cannes Lions 2019 also hosted the debut for Enhanced Visual Analytics (EVA), a new online platform that analyses social media imagery at scale to help brand owners understand how their brand and products are being visually represented in broader culture. “With almost 100 million images uploaded daily to Instagram alone, Enhanced Visual Analytics is the future of how we understand brands in a culturally connected way, and a critical component in how brands develop and deliver content to consumers,” says Kantar.

“Combining AI and semiotics expertise, EVA understands the equity that brands and categories have in culture and helps create great content, track brand equity and understand the opportunities in category ‘white space’.”

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